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ViaTeK Solutions has been assisting companies across the continental U.S. with electronics recycling and reuse, asset removal, and end-of-life management since 1994.

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Sustainability. Feasibility. Accountability.

We believe that the best version of recycling is refurbishing and reselling used equipment and material. We also understand that not everything has scrap metal or resell value. We’ve uniquely tailored our services for companies of all types and sizes to ethically accomplish the goal of removing and recycling all surplus IT business equipment that is outdated or inoperable. We use the latest technology and most environmentally-sound and responsible business practices in strict accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

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dedicated hard drive shredder

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It’s Time to Address E-Waste

In 2021, the total global e-waste was estimated at 57.7 million tons. Only about 17% of it got recycled properly. Investing in a proactive, routine recycling structure is the right thing to do for your business and for the planet.

The world produced 57.7 million tons of E-Waste in 2021. Only 17% of it got recycled.