A Guide to IT Asset Disposition Compliance


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the process by which organizations manage their decommissioned, excess, or end-of-life IT assets securely and competently. The practice has become increasingly important as organizations look to protect their data and remain current with ever-evolving regulations.

25 states have enacted electronic recycling laws, with most following an extended producer responsibility model. No federal law dictates electronic recycling, but there is a patchwork of associated regulations. For instance, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act controls the disposal of toxic elements, many of which are found in used electronics.

Businesses are legally and ethically responsible for recycling their IT equipment and devices. 

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A Guide to ITAD Compliance

What is compliance?

When it comes to ITAD, compliance is the practice of meeting various guidelines and laws that control the proper disposal of obsolete electronics. The electronic waste industry involves a host of compliance risks, including process, environmental, privacy, and corruption.

Process risk encompasses the ITAD processes themselves – how they are conducted and by whom. Relying on shoddy recycling operations means your business may pay money to resolve its e-waste problem and fail to meet its objectives.

Environmental risk involves the possibility of toxic materials entering waterways and soils or being illegally dumped into landfills. These toxins can remain in the environment for years, leading to public health risks.

Privacy risk involves customer data privacy, image, and identity theft. Unsecured electronics are prime targets for corporate espionage and cybercrime. Improper ITAD might lead to a massive data breach that could compromise an organization’s network.

Corruption risk is the potential of illegal trading and activities, such as selling IT assets overseas to countries with fewer environmental restrictions. 

The risks associated with ITAD compliance are significant – from fines and reputation damage to severe data breaches. Organizations cannot afford to take shortcuts when managing electronics recycling.

Working with IT asset disposition companies like ViaTeK Solutions can help your business protect its data and comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Our ITAD experts are well-versed in all aspects of the process.

What to look for in an IT Asset Disposition Vendor?

Choosing an ITAD vendor is an important decision for your business. Look for a vendor that can boast the following:

• Certifications (R2v3 , NSF-ISR:

R2v3 certification ensures that the recycler follows all of the requirements of the Responsible Recycling (R2) standard. It confirms that your e-waste will be managed environmentally safely, and securely.

Certification through NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR) demonstrates that the e-waste recycler’s information security management systems can be relied upon.

• Complete Data Destruction/Hard Drive Shredding

All data must get securely destroyed to protect customer information and comply with government regulations. A reputable ITAD vendor should offer complete hard drive shredding services to ensure all customer data get permanently erased.

• A Good Reputation

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An ITAD vendor should have a good reputation in the industry, with clients who can attest to the high quality of their services.

ViaTeK Solutions meets all these criteria for an ITAD vendor. We hold R2v3 and NSF-ISR certifications, providing complete data destruction and hard drive shredding services. Our reputation is built on almost 30 years of dedicated service. We’ll arrange to pick up your outdated or inoperable IT equipment so the process is stress-free.

By choosing ViaTeK Solutions as your ITAD vendor, you can be sure that your electronics recycling and hard drive shredding will be managed in a secure, compliant manner, and that all data will be securely destroyed to protect customer information.

Contact ViaTeK today to get started on your equipment pickup. We’ll come to you, we make it easy, and you’ll be excited for the next time you need ViaTeK to come to get your used or outdated equipment. Sign up for our newsletter, or check our social media for updates and more information.

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