7 Reasons Why Arizona Electronics Recycling Matters


ViaTeK Solutions has been a leader in electronic recycling since 1994, with comprehensive offerings including data destruction and end-of-life asset management.

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, ViaTeK also has a strong presence on the west coast. Our Phoenix, Arizona-based facility is uniquely qualified to serve businesses throughout the state and surrounding areas.

We understand that Arizona electronic equipment recycling matters. Here are seven reasons why.

  1. Phoenix is a major data center market

Phoenix is a booming tech town and one of North America’s most important data center markets. There are currently 66 data centers in the city, with notable names including CyrusOne, Digital Realty, and INAP. The surge in data centers comes with increased electronics use and, thus, the need for managed recycling.

Improperly disposing of data electronics can put sensitive data at risk and result in fines, so ViaTeK’s presence in Phoenix is key to protecting consumers and companies. We are fully insured and certified to shred and securely dispose of data electronics.

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  1. Large tech workforce

Phoenix is home to diverse tech companies in addition to data centers. These include startups, Fortune 500 companies, and government offices. Large corporations usually associated with Silicon Valley, like Apple and Facebook’s Meta Platforms have begun to build in Phoenix in the past few years.

The city is now host to a fast-growing contingent of tech workers. 15,000 new tech jobs were created in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metro area between 2015 – 2020. These workers use company laptops, cell phones, and other electronics which need to be safely recycled when no longer in use.

  1. We offer pickup services throughout Arizona

ViaTek provides services tailored to the needs of companies, both large and small. Our ethos emphasizes sustainability and feasibility, so we make it easy to access our services when and where it’s convenient.

We offer pickup for electronic waste, including computers, monitors, and servers. We can pick up recyclable equipment anywhere on the west coast and bring it back to our Phoenix facility for safe recycling. This service allows companies to focus on their core activities without worrying about equipment removal and recycling logistics.

  1. Thriving resale market

Shredding equipment is the last step in the recycling process. First, the equipment should be evaluated for possible re-use. Our team tests and resells everything that can be salvaged. Once we determine the value of the equipment, we purchase it upfront and pay immediately. Companies can recoup part of their investment with no wait.

The resale market for electronic goods is particularly robust in Arizona as many major data centers are looking for used equipment at affordable prices.

  1. We have a highly knowledgeable team

Our Phoenix team is comprised of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality service. Our staff members stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

Troves of sensitive data are handled by Phoenix tech companies, which means that simply reselling or destroying old devices is not sufficient. Data erasure should be performed before any resale or destruction is done. Our recycling centers in Arizona guarantee secure data erasure.

  1. Growing local environmental consciousness

The Phoenix metro area is increasingly conscious of the importance of protecting the environment from pollutants, including e-waste. For example, Arizona State University is celebrated for its commitment to sustainability and using green power.

ViaTeK Solutions is proud to partner with groups and businesses that share our commitment to preserving Arizona’s environment through responsible recycling practices. We strive to carry out operations in an environmentally conscious manner.

  1. Easy access from Mexico

Increasingly strong business ties link Arizona and Mexico. In 2020, then-Governor Doug Ducey opened two Arizona Trade & Investment offices in Mexico. “Arizona’s relationship with Mexico has become recognized as a national model in cross-border collaboration,” said Ducey.

ViaTek is experienced in facilitating cross-border pickups. The equipment is returned to our Phoenix facility for safe, domestic recycling.


ViaTeK Solutions provides Arizona businesses with first-class data destruction and electronics recycling services.

Contact ViaTeK today to get started on your equipment pickup from our site in Arizona. We’ll come to you, we make it easy, and you’ll be excited for the next time you need ViaTeK to come to get your used or outdated equipment.

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