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SiteTech Services trusts ViaTeK Solutions to take care of its electronics recycling for business needs, such as data destruction and hard drive disposal. We spoke with Mark DiGregorio, Owner and Operator of SiteTech Services, and asked him about his company’s experience with ViaTeK.

Q&A with SiteTech

What does SiteTech Services do?

We are a management services company, and we specialize in IT management services from start to finish with our clients. We are based in Florida but do have customers outside of Florida. We take pride in being a trusted management services company, offering end-to-end IT solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients, including electronics recycling for business and data destruction. Although our headquarters are in Florida, we proudly serve customers beyond state borders, extending our expertise and commitment to excellence to businesses across different regions.

What Services Does SiteTech use from ViaTeK?

We mainly use them to take end-of-life equipment to either pick up from a large deployment or to pick up on the customer site or at the SiteTech office. That usually involves offering destruction certificates for hard drives and shredding. In many cases, we work on an agreement with ViaTeK to remarket some of the equipment that we’re recycling and try to get it sold on the open market.

What About Data Security on SiteTech’s Hard Drives?

In many cases, we have clients that have particular requirements for how their information is protected on any surplus or salvaged equipment. Hence, we lean on ViaTeK to make sure that our hard drives are properly disposed of according to the data destruction standards set forth. ViaTeK will always send us a detailed listing of all the serial numbers and let us know that the hard drives were appropriately shredded, and then we pass that on to our clients so they know that their hard drive disposal was handled with care. 

Photo of hard drives and text that says securely erase, shred, and destroy your hard drive data with ViaTeK Solutions.

What About Picking up the IT Equipment for Electronics Recycling for Business?

One thing we really appreciate about ViaTeK is that they took the time to understand our business. For example, sometimes it makes more sense to pick up install equipment at each location versus shipping it. ViaTeK is excellent not only as an electronics business recycling company but also as a reverse logistics company. They are always assisting our company with the best way to get the equipment and the most economical way to do it.  

How many total locations would you have ViaTeK Pick Up for SiteTech?

In most cases, it’s one to three locations, but if it’s a bigger pickup job, such as data destruction or electronics recycling for business, it could be even more depending on how much logistics planning is required to get it picked up.

What is your experience with ViaTeK’s Sales Team?

One of the biggest reasons we have continued to use ViaTeK over the years is that they’re very easy to do business with and always have a way to say yes and find solutions

Mark DiGregorio, Owner/Operator of SiteTech Services

They’re extremely helpful, responsive, and friendly. Their office manager is great. She’s always there to help us with anything we need. When we send equipment in, they keep us posted on the progress of the recycling process in a timely manner, which allows us to keep our customers informed of their equipment and give them security in knowing their equipment is being processed safely.

Graphic with a red background on the left and the text "Learn about our recycling services. Contact us Today" and a photo of a data center server on the right.

Find Your Electronics Recycling Solutions at ViaTeK

If you’d like a free consultation on how ViaTeK can help meet your electronic business recycling needs, you can contact us here or call them at 1-888-835-3721.

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