How ViaTeK Solutions Makes Your Electronics Pickup Easy

ViaTeK is a certified electronics recycling and computer disposal company with three locations in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia. Our end-to-end electronics recycling service is R2v3 certified, providing electronics pickup and secure data destruction services. We never outsource our recycling, meaning every piece of recycled equipment is recycled domestically, ensuring that all electronics get correctly and responsibly disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. With ViaTeK, you can be sure your unused or outdated electronics get recycled properly and securely with our experienced team!

How ViaTeK Makes It Easy

ViaTeK offers businesses electronics and computer recycling pickup services and can help companies across the United States with multiple locations. 

Our team of professionals can coordinate the pickup of outdated or inoperable IT equipment from each of your locations, providing a complete one-stop-shop solution to computer recycling and electronics pickup. We understand that electronics can be challenging to manage, especially from multiple locations, so ViaTeK provides comprehensive equipment removal solutions tailored to your business’ needs. With our service, you can rest assured knowing that all electronics get handled safely and responsibly – without the convenience of needing to figure it out yourself. 

We have an exhaustive list of the type of electronics that ViaTeK can recycle.

IT Equipment and Computer Recycling

Our flagship services offer computer recycling and accessories like keyboards, monitors, printers, tablets, and more.

Commercial Equipment

Point of sale systems, cash registers, hard drives, and circuit boards can leave in our trucks too. For hard drives, ask about ViaTeK’s data destruction services.

“And More”

We weren’t sure what to call our “and more” category until we realized that was the perfect name for the myriad of equipment it encompasses! Items such as batteries, ballasts, HID lamps, and any other hazardous waste device can all go out of sight and out of mind through ViaTeK Solutions.

Many of the items that do contain hazardous materials must be handled with care by certified electronics specialists. It’s important to properly dispose of electronics to protect the environment from damage due to improper disposal. Furthermore, handling hazardous material yourself could lead to severe bodily harm.

We are committed to proper electronics management and responsible computer recycling practices for any device we pick up. 

What happens once we collect your equipment?

At ViaTeK, electronics pickup, and computer recycling are just the beginning. After we’ve picked up your materials, we offer a few different easy solutions. 

For those who want to earn back some money from their electronics, we offer an up-front cost before reselling your equipment, meaning no consignment is necessary. Customers love how our valuation process happens early in our recycling process, so it’s one less thing to wait on. Our experienced technicians will accurately appraise and assess the resale value of electronics, so you can easily mitigate the cost of your recycling bill.

We understand that security is paramount for any business if ViaTeK gets entrusted with hard drive data destruction. If our electronics removal services include hard drives, we take extra steps to ensure the drives make it to our recycling center and receive a complete erasure and destruction of the data. We are confident in the efficacy of this service and show this by providing a certificate of destruction upon request.

Regarding electronics pickup and computer recycling, ViaTeK has you covered from start to finish with our 5-step process.

Why Companies Keep Choosing ViaTeK

In addition to serving the continental United States, we can offer electronics and computer recycling freight services for businesses with locations in Alaska and Hawaii. Whether you require us to purchase your used equipment or provide a certificate of complete data destruction for your hard drives, we’ll use our same approach to safety and security.

For more information about electronics pick-up or computer recycling services provided by ViaTeK, please contact us today. Our team is ready to answer any questions and help get you started on electronics removal and computer recycling. Let us make electronics disposal easy for you! 

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