Printer Recycling Do’s and Don’ts


Getting rid of old printers can be a hassle, especially at the enterprise level. At the enterprise level, proper printer disposal and recycling matter the most.

Many of today’s businesses work with a high volume of electronic devices and equipment, such as printers. The devices are frequently changed to keep up with evolving technology, creating a disposal problem.

An old printer cannot be dumped like a discarded pencil or coffee mug into the trash. The device must be disposed in a way that protects the environment, a challenging task that may have high costs.

ViaTek Solutions is here to make it easier. We serve large and small businesses with electronic recycling needs. We focus entirely on the business sector, bringing expertise and a trusted name.

Below, we’ll discuss why electronic recycling for businesses is so important.

Why Businesses Need Printer Recycling

Proper printer recycling is about keeping the environment safe from toxins.

But it’s also good business. It’s illegal and unethical to throw printers out with regular trash. Federal laws such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) protect against improper disposal of electronic devices, including printers. Companies found violating these laws can face hefty fines and penalties.

In 2014, AT&T was forced to pay $52 million after being accused of illegally dumping electronic waste in California. It was the first prosecution of its kind in the state, although Verizon acknowledged that it was probed by California prosecutors the same year.

AT&T’s heavy fine shows what’s at stake. Businesses that disregard electronic disposal standards can face steep penalties that can disrupt cash flow and ruin reputations.

The Dangers

Although printers are not as harmful to our planet as other electronic devices, they still contribute considerably to landfill waste.

Once inside landfills, the printers’ toxic components can leak into soil and water, causing harm to plant and animal life. Some industrial printers even contain mercury, a neurotoxin that can severely harm the brain and other vital organs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 70 percent of the mercury in landfills comes from disposed electronic devices such as printers.

But the dangers don’t just stop at landfills. If printers are incinerated, they release toxic ash into the air, polluting our atmosphere and harming human health. Avoiding health hazards like toxic air is why proper printer recycling is crucial for protecting our planet and its inhabitants.

How ViaTeK Can Help

ViaTeK Solutions understands the unique challenges businesses face. Printer disposal and recycling can seem impossible, especially when trying to offload a large number of devices at once, possibly from multiple locations.

That’s why we offer electronic recycling for businesses. If your company is dealing with multiple old printers, don’t let them gather dust in the corner. ViaTeK can step in and make the entire process frictionless.

We offer:

  • Professional Pick-Up and Disposal: Let us take the burden off your shoulders. Our experts will come to your location, collect the printers, and ensure they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, adhering to all legal and ethical standards.
  • Expert Handling of Hazardous Materials: ViaTeK Solutions has the experience to handle hazardous materials safely and responsibly. We take care of the toxic components so they are managed and disposed of according to the highest industry rules, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Refurbishment or Proper Recycling: Upon collection, ViaTeK Solutions assesses the condition of the equipment. If the printers are refurbishable, we ensure they are used well, primarily, by contributing to a circular economy. If the printers have reached the end of their life cycle, we provide you with an estimate for the recycling fee or even pay you for the equipment, adding value to your business even as you dispose of old devices responsibly.


Partnering with ViaTeK Solutions is a win-win situation for your business and the environment. By entrusting us with your old corporate printers, you keep your business compliant with environmental regulations. We’re a fully certified and insured service, so you can trust that you’re doing your part for the environment.

We even simplify printer disposal for corporations with multiple branches, as we can stop at numerous pickup locations for one order.

Make the environmentally conscious choice today – contact us to schedule a pick-up and ensure your old corporate printers get disposed of responsibly, efficiently, and legally. Let’s work together for a sustainable future.

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