Switching Your POS or Cash Register? Recycle Your Old One

Customer-facing companies often rely on POS systems and cash registers during transactions. Most owners can recognize when to increase their supply, but many question what to do when the opposite need arises and it’s time to replace the equipment with fresh models.

ViaTeK Solutions specializes in recycling electronic systems, giving businesses a green way to part with old tech and possibly recover valuable materials. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of recycling your POS systems and cash registers with a partner like ViaTeK.

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POS and Registers

A point-of-sale system, or POS, combines software and hardware to carry out transactions and keep track of sales and inventory. These systems help store owners with business analytics.

Cash registers are also transaction tools. They’re physical devices that hold cash and coins and may contain software and network capabilities.

POS systems and cash registers belong to your electronics recycling strategy because throwing them into a landfill is environmentally risky and financially short-sighted. The equipment contains materials that might leach into the ground, and that could be recovered for profit.

Additionally, there are legal recycling imperatives to comply with. With electronic waste (e-waste) significantly contributing to global waste levels, a substandard approach to recycling should no longer be acceptable.

Materials Inside Your POS and Registers

Many of the materials inside your old registers and tills are valuable, not just from a functional perspective. For instance, metals such as aluminum and copper are indispensable in electronics manufacturing and can often be recycled by companies like ViaTeK. POS recycling can frequently help offset the cost of purchasing new equipment. It also contributes to a more sustainable supply chain for manufacturers.

However, while recovered value is a boon, it’s not the only reason to recycle. Old electronics contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Improper disposal can have devastating effects on the environment and public health.

The Short and Long-Term Benefits of Recycling

In addition to the powerful environmental motive, there are clear business benefits to electronics recycling for business.

Initially, your business can enjoy peace of mind when your electronic waste is disposed of correctly and per regulations. You can focus on critical aspects of your operations knowing that ViaTek will document every step of the recycling process and provide you with all the necessary certificates and audit trails. You’ll be able to trace every device from pickup to destruction, even if you have multiple outlets producing e-waste.

And then there’s the positive impact on your brand image. Many customers are environmentally conscious and may prefer doing business with “green” companies. You can leverage recycling as a selling point for your brand, demonstrating that you’re actively taking measures to protect the environment.


In the long run, cash register recycling with a service like ViaTeK can result in more cash flow. Our expertise in properly recycling e-waste means we can recover and potentially return value from your outdated or malfunctioning devices. We can refurbish and resell or separate valuable materials if the device is deemed unsalvageable. We add a layer of sustainability to your tech upgrades, making them suitable for business and the environment.

ViaTeK Solutions offers the perfect bridge between your need to upgrade and the necessity of dealing with outdated electronics responsibly. 

Ready to Recycle with ViaTeK?

If you’re ready to make a change in your business and responsibly recycle your old electronics, now is an excellent time to act. Connect with ViaTeK Solutions to start the recycling process and enjoy peace of mind with sustainable business practices.

Does your business need to recycle outdated or inoperable cash registers or POS systems? Contact us now at recyclerequest@viateksolutions.com. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay in touch and learn more about how we make electronics recycling easier and more accessible for companies of all sizes!

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