Reliable Recycling for Networking Equipment

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Experts predict that the enterprise network equipment market will rise stratospherically, reaching $124 million by 2029. Continuous demand from organizations looking to upgrade their network infrastructure drives that growth.

Companies face pressure to build more agile environments, requiring the latest technologies. Even companies that can get away with unsophisticated software run into short device lifecycles. The constant turnover highlights the criticality of reliable recycling for used networking equipment.

Let ViaTeK Solutions take over the hassle.  Our certified recycling program helps companies extract value from aging technology without compromising security.

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Why Recycle Your Business Electronics?

When your office chair collapses, you don’t have to think about disposal – you fix it or throw it away. When you retire old network equipment, you face the question: what do you do with the devices?

Simply throwing them into the garbage is not an option. Besides harming the environment, improper disposal poses a security risk, as scammers can retrieve sensitive data.

You can try refurbishing, recycling, or destroying your used equipment. Determining which route to take requires experience and takes valuable time away from your core business. That’s why working with a reputable company like ViaTeK will make your life easier.

Sustainable Solutions for Network Equipment Business Recycling

ViaTeK Solutions offers sustainable solutions for recycling networking equipment that align with the highest environmental standards. This allows your brand to contribute to the circular economy while keeping electronic waste from piling up in landfills.

We aim to extend the lifecycle of devices such as modems, computers, network routers, etc, through refurbishment and resale. If we can’t sell used network equipment that enters our facility, we will dismantle it into materials to be recycled or properly destroyed.

The Efficient Network Equipment Business

IT equipment represents a nonnegligible expense. Partnering with ViaTeK Solutions can help you recoup the maximum value of your investment. That money adds to your cash flow and gives you more budgeting room.

At ViaTeK Solutions’, our customers receive payment when we resell their refurbished network equipment. We provide competitive pricing for used devices that still have value in the market, helping companies offset new hardware costs while reducing electronic waste.

If you’re also interested in becoming a buyer, you should know that our team meticulously inspects items before certifying them for sale.

Why Must Some Network Equipment Be Destroyed? 

Some devices simply cannot be resold after reaching the end of their life. If resale is impossible, and there’s no value in the parts, destruction is the next step. It’s not safe to get rid of your electronic waste too casually, but it’s also not advised to leave it unsecured for too long.

You can’t throw it away because electronics contain harmful materials like mercury and cadmium that might leach into the soil or groundwater. The effect could be seriously damaging. It’s such a serious matter that the government fines businesses that leave used IT equipment in landfills. 

Your commitment to protecting sensitive data doesn’t end when you stop using a computer hard drive. Scammers have no qualms about stealing information from salvaged or found equipment. 

ViaTeK Solutions guarantees certification that all data gets erased from devices at our facilities. We take your security seriously. You can rely on our Electronic Scrap Shred System to destroy your electronic waste.

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Used network equipment becomes a burden on your business. Get rid of the stress and prioritize sustainability by partnering with ViaTeK Solutions for reliable recycling services. Let us handle your aging network equipment.

ViaTeK Solutions offers data destruction services, including physical destruction and digital erasure, to guarantee that your sensitive information is safe. Our experts can dispose of obsolete equipment securely while complying with state and federal regulations.

With ViaTeK Solutions, your business can contribute to a greener future and optimize its IT budget simultaneously. Email today to learn more and get a customized solution for your business’ network equipment recycling needs.

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