ViaTeK Solutions’ 4-Step Electronic Recycling Process

When it comes to electronic recycling, ViaTeK Solutions has you covered. As a company dedicated to serving clients of all sizes nationwide, we’ve perfected the process of optimizing, and safely repurposing, electronic products with our 4-step approach.

In truth, there are a lot of little steps within the four main phases of electronics recycling, which we’ll get to in this guide. To simplify it, here are four core components of electronics recycling that we prioritize:

  1. Inventory tracking
  2. Data destruction
  3. Materials recovery via the electronic scrap shred system   
  4. Erasure and testing

Step 1: Inventory Tracking

Each incoming shipment is weighed for accuracy upon arrival at the warehouse. The weight is then entered into our customized online tracking system along with an assigned, unique reference number. This unique reference number allows customers to use a secure login to view the status of their shipment. At ViaTeK Solutions, we track every piece of equipment by make, model, and serial number. In doing so, the tracking system organizes the coordination of serial numbers by equipment type, including PCs, laptops, servers, and hard drives. This integrated process gives ViaTeK Solutions complete control over its inventory.

Secondarily, calculating weight is important because it determines how much gets saved, and repurposed into environmentally friendly resale. The weight needs to be accurate to allow the recycling plant to properly convey the number of waste materials available for commercial resale or energy generation.

Step 2: Data Destruction

To ensure secure and complete data destruction ViaTeK Solutions shreds hard drives every day, onsite. Clients trust ViaTeK Solutions because we track and report the data we have been entrusted to destroy. That starts by recording the serial number a second time before the hard drive goes into the shredder, and ends with ViaTeK Solutions giving the customer a destruction certificate verifying the successful destruction of their data. We know how much our clients value the assurance that their valuable data has been properly disposed of.

ViaTeK Solutions remains committed throughout this delicate process to provide our clients with complete data destruction. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure every client is satisfied with the end-to-life data destruction process at ViaTeK.

Step 3: Materials Recovery Via the Electronic Scrap Shred System 

Our Electronic Scrap Shred System is the most advanced in the industry allowing ViaTeK Solutions to be a true end-of-life recycler.  This process is undoubtedly the heavy lifting in electronics recycling. It is here that ViaTeK Solutions manually removes any focus material before the shredding process to allow the shredder to automatically separate the material into different commodities to achieve the highest rate of materials recovery. 

The separated raw material is then shipped to the proper vendor that can make new products with it. This entire process helps conserve natural resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.

Step 4: Erasure and Testing Lab

Extending the life of the equipment is the best way to recycle electronics. Our recycling experts in the ViaTeK Solutions Technical Department test, clean, and repair the equipment so it may be resold, or repurposed.

This is the most important part of the process because, in step 4, the experts are deciding how to extend the life of the product for end-users. ViaTeK Solutions is a trusted brand for companies all over the nation because of our ability to assess, execute, and report on the valuable material that can be recycled and reused.

ViaTeK Solutions: Your One-Stop-Shop for Electronics Recycling

ViaTeK Solutions has offices in Georgia, Florida, and Arizona serving a national clientele. We offer a pickup option in which we come to you and haul the electronic recycling to our shops for processing. We also offer a buy and sell electronics program that lets our clients get any remaining value for their costly assets. 

Contact us by reaching out to 888-835-3721 or to get more information. See why ViaTeK Solutions’ commitment to customer service, state and federal regulations, and cradle to grave liability has established many long-term relationships with our clients.


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