R2V3 Certification

Total compliance equals responsible electronics recycling.

Your business can’t afford mismanagement of e-waste. You need a reputable and R2V3 certified recycler to handle your end-of-life electronics to avoid damaging your brand and maximize the value of obsolete or inoperable equipment.

Any ITAD provider can accept your electronics, but they cannot all ensure responsible disposal. Poor practices might lead to sensitive data exposure or environmental contamination, burying your company in fines and negative publicity. 62% of data breaches occur due to third-party lapses, including failing to properly wipe data from old devices. 

Choosing a R2V3 certified company like ViaTeK mitigates this risk. Certifications like R2V3 prove that the recycler maintains rigorous standards for handling, dismantling, and recycling of electronic waste.

ViaTeK's Commitment to Certification

Obtaining certifications is not easy, nor is it cheap. But for ViaTeK, these certifications are an investment in both our business and yours.

We understand certifications’ critical role in the electronics recycling industry and are committed to meeting and exceeding all certification requirements. Our team undergoes regular training and stays up-to-date on current iterations of each certification we carry. 

We also have a full-time Environmental Health and Safety Manager who oversees our certification process for our three electronics recycling facilities in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia. Meet Jennifer Perez, ViaTeK’s Environmental Health and Safety Manager below.

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ViaTeK Certifications

We currently hold four major certifications: R2V3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Each certification binds us to stringent requirements.


R2V3 certifies responsible e-waste management. When you see this certification, you can trust that your data will be fully erased and destroyed.

You can also be sure you’re contributing to the circular economy and gleaning as much residual value from your IT devices as possible. R2V3 certified companies prioritize reuse and recycling, so useful materials are never discarded.

ISO 9001

NSF-ISR is a global certification body. ISO 9001 is an industry-agnostic certification that sets the standard for quality management systems. 

It ensures that ViaTeK has a robust framework to exceed customer expectations consistently. With this certification, we demonstrate our drive for excellent service. Every principle advanced by ISO 9001 aligns with our customer-centric approach, making electronics recycling for businesses easier and more accessible.

ISO 14001

ViaTeK is also certified by NSF-ISR for ISO 14001, a standard for environmental management systems. This certification affirms our commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of electronics recycling and promoting sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

NSF-ISR auditors regularly assess our procedures to verify we are continually improving our environmental performance. By adhering to this certification, we aim to promote responsible resource management.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is the international standard for occupational health and safety management systems. ViaTeK’s certification by NSF-ISR for this standard lets you know we understand our role in protecting our team’s health and well-being. We follow all necessary regulations and take proactive measures to maintain a safe working environment.

Trust in our commitment to certifications, and let us help you dispose of your end-of-life electronics securely and sustainably.  We are proud to be a leader in the industry, setting the standard for responsible and ethical e-waste management. By choosing ViaTeK, you are protecting your business and building a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The ViaTeK Promise

ViaTeK promises to keep it’s three facilities in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia fully certified and compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. Doing so allows us to push our mission of making electronics recycling easier and more accessible for businesses all over the United States.

Don’t take chances with your e-waste. Choose a certified recycler like ViaTeK for peace of mind. To get started email us at recyclerequest@viateksolutions.com.

Recycle Responsibly