Corporate Electronics Recycling Guide

What Makes Corporate Electronics Recycling Unique?

ViaTeK Solutions has specifically tailored its electronics recycling services to businesses and corporations since 1994. Simply put, corporate electronics recycling requires an ITAD provider with a set of skills that makes electronics recycling easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

  • Pickups from multiple locations
  • Secure data erasure and hard drive shredding
  • Federal, state, and local compliance
  • Facilities large enough to handle bulk pickups
  • Demanufacturing and material evaluation services

Who Is ViaTeK Solutions Right For?

ViaTeK Solutions can reach any U.S. business and any of its affiliate locations, making our services convenient for corporations with multiple locations or routine rotations of electronics. From Florida to Alaska, California to New York, we can help corporations of all shape and size with reliable, trustworth electronics and data erasure services. We often get the question, what type of businesses does ViateK serve? Our answer: any business that finds themselves inundated with outdated or inoperable electronics, and a need to find a provider that offers comprehensive, compliant electronics recycling services.

Keep reading to get a sense of the types of industries that need electronics recycling like ViaTeK provide. Or, if you’re ready to book your consultation, email us at


Retailers generate potentially destructive levels of e-waste, from point-of-sale systems that constantly need to be replaced to old computers and routers.

ViaTeK Solutions offers comprehensive business electronics recycling services to retail stores of all sizes, and with multiple locations. Our methods ensure that sensitive customer data is securely destroyed while valuable materials are extracted for reuse.

We accept a wide variety of retail equipment, including POS systems, computers, printers, and scanners. Join the growing number of retailers prioritizing sustainability and partnering with ViaTeK Solutions.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions handle vast amounts of confidential data, making total data destruction a top priority. We recognize the unique needs of this industry and offer specialized services to guarantee federal compliance.

We work with banks and financial institutions to ensure that all data storage devices are securely wiped or destroyed before recycling. Turn to ViaTeK when you need to dispose of computers, servers, hard drives, and other IT equipment that contain sensitive information. We document the entire process for your records and provide a Certificate of Destruction for added peace of mind.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities continually upgrade their equipment to provide the best patient care. However, this also leads to a high volume of outdated electronics that must be disposed of responsibly.

ViaTeK Solutions understands that HIPAA compliance must be maintained and can spearhead the safe disposal of medical equipment, including imaging machines, monitors, lab equipment, and security devices. We also properly recycle batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and other potentially hazardous materials found in healthcare facilities – which we can bundle into one easy pickup for you.

Law Firms

Law firms work with normal office equipment, laptops, computers, company cell phones, and much more. Organizing the destruction or refurbishment of the fleet as it ages is a task that ViaTeK Solutions can help with. We offer secure data destruction and proper recycling of all IT equipment commonly used in law firms. We recognize the importance of Attorney/Client privilege, so when it comes time to get rid of devices with sensitive data, turn to ViaTeK – we’ll help you maintain that special privilege.

Data Centers

The internet depends on data centers. They’re at the heart of the digital world, routinely replacing equipment to keep up with technology advancements. This results in a significant amount of e-waste that must be responsibly recycled.

We have the expertise and resources to handle large-scale data center decommissioning projects. We work closely with clients to develop customized solutions for safely disposing and recycling servers, storage devices, switches, and more. Let ViaTeK Solutions handle your data center recycling needs.

Government Agencies

Government agencies are responsible for setting an example and properly disposing of their e-waste according to federal, state, and local regulations. ViaTeK Solutions is an approved vendor for government agencies at all respective levels.

We can work with government agencies to recycle a wide range of IT equipment responsibly, including computers, printers, and networking gear. Our secure data destruction methods ensure that sensitive information is erased completely before materials are recycled.

Software Companies

Software companies with large volumes of e-waste can trust in ViaTeK. Our IT asset disposition for software companies includes secure data destruction and responsible recycling.

We also offer customized solutions for the refurbishment and resale of older equipment so you can recoup some value from outdated devices while encouraging sustainability.


Manufacturers constantly innovate and upgrade their machinery, resulting in a continuous stream of e-waste.

We can properly recycle materials from obsolete devices, as well as backup tapes, hard drives, and other data storage devices containing sensitive information. You can look to ViaTeK Solutions for sustainable solutions that comply with all relevant regulations.


Engineers use equipment and technology daily. As their devices age or become obsolete, they must be disposed of properly to protect intellectual property and sensitive data.

ViaTeK Solutions promises secure data destruction services for engineering firms, as well as environmentally-friendly recycling options for all types of IT equipment. We also offer customized solutions for refurbishment and resale.

Education and Universities

Educational institutions are increasingly reliant on technology, both in class and in remote scenarios. This reliance results in a significant amount of e-waste that must be disposed of responsibly.

ViaTeK Solutions works with universities and other educational facilities to safely recycle computers, printers, projectors, and other IT equipment. We also offer secure data destruction services for any materials that may contain sensitive information.


Every business is unique, and yours might fall into a different industry than we’ve listed above, or if may be a combination of multiple overlapping industries! Whatever it is you do, we can help with your corporate electronics recycling and data destruction. 

As technology continues to improve and reset standard operating procedure of every industry out there, keep your thumb on the pulse of your industry’s ever-changing electronics equipment standards. You may find yourself with more unused and outdated electronics equipment than you would have forecasted.

When you do…call ViaTeK Solutions to take care of it for you, protect your data, regain value on your equipment, and get back to doing what you do best – managing your business!

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