Complete Electronics Recycling

ViaTeK assumes cradle-to-grave liability for every shipment while providing scalable, reliable services. We believe in our 5 core services for effective recycling. Many of our clients rely on us for end-to-end recycling, but we also love working with clients who only need us to help them out with one or two services.

Viatek Solutions Shred System Feeder

Those five core services are:

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Equipment Removal

ViaTeK can remove IT-related equipment from anywhere in the continental U.S.

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Inventory Tracking

Upon the arrival of equipment at one of our facilities, all equipment is entered into our system.

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Data Destruction

We recommend and prefer the total destruction of hard drives. We use a dedicated hard drive shredder for this service.

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Equipment Valuation

The first step to recycling used IT equipment is to evaluate it for reuse on the used market. If a material can’t be reused, ViaTeK will assess any scrap value it might contain.

Hazardous Material Handling

Learn how ViaTeK Solutions handles and disposes of items that could be harmful to the environment.