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Hard Drives Shredded on Site in Our Secured Data Destruction Facility

ViaTeK highly recommends complete data destruction of hard drives and data-containing devices to ensure safe and complete removal.

Today’s data recovery techniques are very sophisticated, and the only guaranteed way to dispose of confidential information on hard drives is to completely destroy them in a secured facility like ViaTeK.

ViaTeK’s Data Destruction Process

From the moment we pick up your devices that contain sensitive data, ViaTeK’s three facilities follow the same protocol for complete data destruction.

We utilize the renowned Wipe Drive software that completely scrapes hard drives, destroying its data beyond recovery. Complete data destruction, which includes destroying the physical device itself is conducted in a highly secured, heavily supervised facility.

ViaTeK utilizes a dedicated shredder for hard drives, which is separate from the electronic scrap shred system, or any other piece of processing equipment used in our facilities.

Having a separate shredder for hard drives allows ViaTeK to record and document serial numbers from hard drives, and adhere to the appropriate regulations and acts that include:

  • Patriot Act of 2022
  • Identify Theft and Assumption Defense Acct
  • FDA Security Regulations (21 C.F.R. Part 11)
  • PCI Data Security Standard (applies to office transitions not directly to data destruction itself)

Everything You Need to Know About Data Destruction

Oftentimes, companies know they need to outsource secure, reliable data destruction. However, they may now know where to start. ViaTeK Solutions’ newsletter is a great place for learning about industry updates and ViaTeK tips related to comprehensive data erasure.

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Meet Our Team

ViaTeK has a great staff, with dedicated experts to the data destruction process. One such expert is Steven LaVance in our Georgia office. Steven is in charge of the processes and protocols for data destruction in the Georgia facility that is consistent with the requirements of R2v3. Click to watch his video that outlines the importance of proper data destruction for companies with old hard drives or data containing devices.

Play Video about 4 photo grid showing hard drives being destroyed and a person being interviewed

Want to Learn More?

Interested in reading more about ViaTeK’s data destruction process, tips from the experts, and industry updates? Click below to read one of our data destruction blogs. Or, if you’re ready to start an order with ViaTeK, click here to get started.