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Our three U.S. locations in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia allow us to offer nationwide coverage to pick up any company’s outdated and inoperable IT equipment. This page will outline the different materials we offer our services for, and offer insights into the unique challenges of each piece of equipment. So whether you’re a law firm, hospital, financial center, government agency, or retail store – we can help. 

IT Equipment

Outdated and inoperable IT equipment is ViaTeK’s bread and butter. We help companies reconcile their old equipment – everything from archaic typewriters to large and clumsy servers. The question we get asked the most is, “do we recycle laptops and computers for companies,” which we do all the time! At the rate new computer and laptop models are getting released, having a go-to provider for business electronics recycling is crucial. 

Laptops and Computers:

Upgrade your IT equipment with confidence, knowing we can handle the recycling of your old laptops and computers securely.

Networking Equipment:

Routers, hubs, and switches can pile up over time. ViaTeK can take care of all your used networking equipment from multiple locations. Click the icon to the left to learn more!

Smartphones and Cell Phones:

As your business upgrades its mobile devices, let us handle the recycling of old smartphones and cellphones, safeguarding your data.

Computer Keyboards:

Old or non-functional keyboards can be a source of electronic waste. Proper disposal is essential to preventing environmental harm.


Servers play a vital role in your data infrastructure. We offer secure decommissioning and recycling services to protect your information.

Fax Machines:

Old fax machines can be recycled efficiently, reducing clutter and minimizing environmental impact.


When it's time to retire copiers, trust us to dispose of them properly, recycling components and reducing waste.

Computer Monitors:

Obsolete monitors can contain hazardous materials. We ensure environmentally sound recycling, reducing their impact on the planet.


Old printers can be bulky and challenging to dispose of. We provide hassle-free pickup and recycling services. Click the icon to read more!

Circuit Boards:

Circuit boards are at the heart of many electronics. Our advanced recycling processes recover valuable metals while reducing environmental impact.


Large and complex mainframes are no problem for our experienced team. We can efficiently manage their recycling.


Even vintage typewriters can find a second life through responsible recycling. We'll handle them with care.


As tablets evolve, older models need proper disposal. We ensure secure recycling and data destruction.

Cable Equipment:

Outdated cable equipment can pile up. We offer convenient pickup and recycling solutions.


Old terminals can find new life through responsible recycling.

Computer Mice:

Even small peripherals matter. We ensure their proper recycling.

Telephone Systems:

Old telephone systems are recycled to reduce waste and recover valuable materials.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems and Cash Registers:

Outdated POS systems and cash registers can clutter your workspace. We'll help you responsibly recycle these systems while ensuring data security.

Hard Drives:

Secure data destruction is our priority when recycling hard drives. Click the icon to get a full breakdown of hard drive destruction and data erasure!

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS):

Recycling UPS units helps protect the environment and recover valuable resources.

Walkie Talkies:

Don't let old walkie talkies go to waste. We recycle them responsibly.

Miscellaneous Equipment

In our business, we consider ourselves the kings and queens of “catch all,” and that’s just what this last section is. Sometimes, a piece of electronics equipment is it’s own beast in regards to responsible and ethical recycling. Here we’ll break down the miscellaneous materials we recycle that don’t fit a specific category.


From small to large batteries, we handle them all, including lithium-ion, Ni-Cd, and more.

Mercury-Containing Devices:

Recycling mercury-containing devices is essential for environmental safety.

Automotive Components:

Old automotive components can be recycled to reduce landfill waste.

HID Lamps:

HID lamps contain hazardous materials. We recycle them following strict safety guidelines.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals:

Recycling metals conserves resources and reduces the need for mining.


Recycling ballasts ensures the proper disposal of potentially hazardous materials.


Old TVs can contain hazardous components. We safely recycle them, reducing environmental harm.


Speakers, regardless of size, can be responsibly recycled.


VCRs may be obsolete, but they can still be recycled for their valuable materials.

Why Choose ViaTeK Solutions for Your Business

If you’re a business that needs reliable and responsible electronics recycling, look no further than ViaTeK Solutions. We know there are free providers out there, but for a fee that is unique and tailored to your project, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that ViaTeK will:

  • Come to You: We offer hassle-free pickup services for your outdated and inoperable equipment, making the recycling process convenient for your business.
  • Multi-Location Support: Whether you have multiple locations or need freight services from Alaska or Hawaii, we can accommodate your recycling needs.
  • Certified Expertise: ViaTeK is R2V3 certified, ensuring the highest standards in responsible recycling and data security.
  • Nationwide Service: With locations in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia, we serve businesses across the country.
  • Data Security: Protect your sensitive information with our secure data destruction services.
  • Environmentally Responsible: We are committed to eco-friendly practices, minimizing waste and maximizing recycling.

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