Electronic Recycling Technology

Our Electronic Scrap Shred System  is our prized piece of electronic recycling technology.

This system ensures the complete destruction of your e-waste. Multiple stages throughout the process provide a turnkey solution for data destruction. Click the buttons on the image below to learn more about our 55,000-pound electronic shred system.


Electronic Scrap Shred System

ViaTeK's electronic scrap shred system is shown. This is the piece of equipment that handles most of the IT equipment recycling.
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Electronic recycling technology - the scrap shred system


All raw materials are separated by our compressed air blow system into containers that are then sent directly to the downstream vendors for reuse.


All materials are passed through our optical analyzer for proper sorting during the separation process.


Equipment is loaded onto the conveyor and delivered to the shredder for 100% complete destruction.

ViaTeK Solutions maintains R2V3 certification, among other required certifications, to achieve total compliance.

The R2V3 certification is a mark of responsible e-waste management. It assures that your company’s data will be thoroughly wiped out and eliminated.

NSF-ISR stands as a worldwide authority in certification. Holding this certification showcases our dedication to outstanding service and simplifies the process of recycling electronics.

NSF-ISR underscores our commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of electronic waste recycling and enhancing sustainability within our corporate practices.

Being certified by NSF-ISR under this standard signals that ViaTeK is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our team in each of our three locations.

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