Electronics Recycling for Arizona Companies

With our main recycling facility in Phoenix, AZ, ViaTeK Solutions is uniquely positioned to help Arizona-based companies ethically and easily recycle any outdated or inoperable IT equipment.

The ViaTeK Difference

ViaTeK Solutions was founded in 1994 in Phoenix, AZ under the promise of making corporate electronic recycling easier and more accessible for Arizona companies. No matter how large or small your business is, ViaTeK can help you curate a proactive electronics recycling plan that helps both your business and the environment. We believe that every bit counts.

So, whether you have outdated or inoperable IT equipment, or your company is in the midst of a transition to a remote business, we can help. 

Hear from Our Clients

Shawn comes from a Fortune 500 company, so his responsibility to ensure the proper disposal and recycling of 1.5 million pounds of e-waste annually is always on his mind. As you’ll hear, he has full trust in ViaTeK, and what we stand for, so we keep getting his calls to coordinate pickups for many of his locations. We’re proud of our relationship with Shawn and look forward to serving him for many years to come.

Play Video about Graphic showing a screen grab of a person on a zoom call, talking to the camera as well as an image of industrial recycling equipment.

Electronics waste only takes up 2% of our landfills, but accounts for roughly 70% of our toxic waste.

Our 5 Core Services

ViaTeK Solutions can offer end-to-end recycling solutions through 5 simple services. Some Arizona companies don’t need us for all five steps, so we’re happy to help where we can. Contact a ViaTeK specialist with any specific questions.

Fully Certified

ViaTeK retains all the required certifications for electronics recycling in the state of Arizona, and assumes cradle-to-grave liability for all shipments. Unlike other electronic recycling companies, ViaTeK will never outsource material to another country to be recycled. All of our recycling gets done domestically, and in strict compliance with Arizona’s recycling laws. We issue a certificate of completion to each customer once we complete an order.

Electronics Recycling
with ViaTeK

If you have outdated or inoperable IT equipment in need of recycling, call ViaTeK down in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll come to you, we’ll haul your order away, and we’ll get the best value out of your materials on your behalf. 

We take the stress out of electronics recycling. Meanwhile, you can be proud knowing your company properly recycled what is quickly becoming the most prevalent category of waste in the world, electronics recycling.

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